TechMix Equine BlueLite® Powder - 6 lb

      TechMix Equine BlueLite® Powder - 6 lb

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      TechMix Equine BlueLite® Powder - 6 lb
      Sale price $46.95Regular price $0.00
      Regular price $46.95

      TechMix Equine BlueLite® Powder - 6 lb 

      Instant results when your horse needs it most. Restores the essential nutrients lost during heavy workout and improves recovery time.

      • 20 servings per 6lb container. 
      • Balanced electrolyte formula. 
      • Easily digestible, non-abrasive.
      • Contains essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
      • Helps establish and maintain optimum digestive pH for quick energy, electrolyte, and vitamin utilization.

      FEED USE:
      Foals and yearlings: Daily top dress 1-2 ounces of EQUINE BLUELITE on the grain ration.
      Working/pleasure horses/ponies: Top dress EQUINE BLUELITE on the grain ration according to the degree of dehydration based on the following:

      WEIGHT                      AMOUNT OF EQUINE BLUELITE
      Routine or Mild          Extensive
      Ponies/Horses      Physical Activity         Physical Activity
      300-600 lbs                1-2 ounces daily               2-3 ounces daily
      600-900 lbs                3-4 ounces daily              4-6 ounces daily
      900-1200 lbs              5-6 ounces daily               6-10 ounces daily
      1200 lbs +                   7-8 ounces daily               8-10 ounces daily

      WATER USE:
      Add 1-2 ounces of EQUINE BLUELITE to each 2 gallons of drinking water consumed by a horse daily.
      Horses will usually consume drinking water equivalent to 7-9% of their body weight. The demands of profuse sweating from hot weather, lactation and extensive exercise may increase their water demands by 20-50%.

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