TechMix Equine Natu-Lax® 5 lb

      TechMix Equine Natu-Lax® 5 lb

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      TechMix Equine Natu-Lax® 5 lb
      Sale price $51.75Regular price $0.00
      Regular price $51.75

      TechMix Equine Natu-Lax® 5 lb

      An apple cinnamon flavored pellet containing 99% pure psyllium to aid in colic prevention. Contains premium quality psyllium seeds and husks. Fast acting swell factor that creates the instant lubrication that a horse needs.

      • 20 servings per 5 lb container
      • Convenient and easy to use.
      When to Use
      • Daily or as part of a monthly maintenance program
      • For horses that live in sandy climates and regularly ingest sand and debris
      • For horses that are on stall rest
      • For use during worming
      • For post-operative horses
      • To encourage a healthy digestive system

      Initial Use –
      ​For horses that have never been given a product for sand colic, give one scoop daily for thirty days, continuing with a monthly maintenance from there forward.
      Monthly maintenance –
      Give one scoop daily for seven days of every month.
      ​(repeat monthly)
      For use when sand colic is present or for horses at
      ​greater risk –

      Give 2 scoops daily, consult your veterinarian for further recommendations

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