Cocosoya Oil Equine - 1 Gallon

      Cocosoya Oil Equine - 1 Gallon

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      Cocosoya Oil Equine - 1 Gallon
      Sale price $32.95Regular price $0.00
      Regular price $32.95

      Cocosoya Oil Equine - 1 Gallon

      Cocosoya® is a very palatable source of unprocessed, unrefined oil and a natural source of Vitamin E that gives your horse a healthy, glossy coat, whether it's a show horse, a pasture horse, a young horse or a senior horse.

      • Tasty Source of Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 fatty acids that increases feed palatability.
      • A healthy, affordable alternative to corn oil and molasses.
      • Supports fat levels in the barrier function of hooves, preventing outside moisture from causing damage and sealing normal moisture inside.
      • CocoSoya® is also commonly used to build and maintain weight. 

      *Natural Settling May Occur. Shake Well Before Use.

      Ingredients Soybean Oil (unrefined/expeller-pressed), Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Supplement (as a preservative), Natural and Artificial Flavors.

      Maintenance: 1 to 4oz. daily.
      Heavy Work: 4 to 8oz daily.
      Lactating mares: 4oz. daily
      For inhibition of dust on feed and for hair coat gloss: 4oz. daily or 5 gallons per ton of feed.

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