Betty's Best StripHair Pet & Home Bundle 3pc Kit

      Betty's Best StripHair Pet & Home Bundle 3pc Kit

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      Betty's Best StripHair Pet & Home Bundle 3pc Kit
      Sale price $39.95Regular price $0.00
      Regular price $39.95

      Betty's Best StripHair Pet & Home Bundle

      For Dog, Cat and Home - 3pc Kit includes:

      • StripHair Gentle Groomer Sensitive for Pets,
      • Bag O' Bamboo Reusable Cloths 18ct in 2 sizes,
      • plus Storage Pouch

      SHED, SHINE, BATHE, MASSAGE: The Gentle Groomer for Pets is flexible, comfortable and safe to use everywhere on the body. StripHair will remove shedding hair, add shine to the coat, scrub and slick at bath time, while providing therapeutic benefits. 

      THE SHORT COAT SOLUTION! StripHair is ideal for short hair dog and cat breeds. Bristle and blade-free for a soothing grooming session that pets love. 

      UPHOLSTERY SAVER! StripHair removes pet hair from couches, bedding, rugs and auto interior.

      BAG O' BAMBOO REUSABLE CLOTHS pairs with StripHair for easy coat cleaning and body care. Home: pet hair removal on floors of all types: use wet to clean / dry to absorb wetness. Wash reusable. Made of biodegradable bamboo fiber. Thicker and more absorbent than most bamboo disposable cloths. Durable construction, soft like cotton. Suggested Uses: Pets, Home, Personal, Crafts, Recreation, Auto.

      STORAGE POUCH for the StripHair Groomer and a reusable cloth. This blue mesh nylon bag is breathable and has a zipper closure for convenience and travel. 

      Makes a great gift to self or anyone with a Horse.



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