Equiderma Thrush & Whiteline Treatment 16 oz

      Equiderma Thrush & Whiteline Treatment 16 oz

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      Equiderma Thrush & Whiteline Treatment 16 oz
      Sale price $21.95Regular price $0.00
      Regular price $21.95

      Equiderma Thrush & Whiteline Treatment 16 oz

      Equiderma's Thrush & Whiteline Treatment is the most effective, easy-to-apply treatment for thrush infections, gets the job done fast, predictably, reliably, and painlessly.

      It works through ingredients that are specifically designed to attack and eradicate the bacterial and fungal infections that cause Thrush and White line disease. You will begin to see signs of improvement within 24 hours.

      • Pick your horse’s hooves well. Scrub the hoof thoroughly with Equiderma Neem Shampoo to remove all debris from the area. (*In advanced cases, it may be helpful to consult a skilled farrier to trim the hoof and remove as much infected tissue as possible.)
      • Rinse well and towel dry well.
      • Apply Equiderma Thrush Treatment and scrub in with a hoof pick brush. Reapply daily until all signs of thrush are gone.

      Ingredients: Mineral oil, Chlorhexidine, Neem Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

      • Will not harm healthy tissue
      • See visible improvement in thrush infections within 24 hours
      • Does not stain your hands, clothes or concrete
      • Use preventatively to stop infections before they start
      • Significantly enhance recovery time when battling whiteline disease
      • Infused with nature’s wonder-plant neem, a powerful natural antifungal


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